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Sunday, 06/26/2022


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Tijuca Forest (Floresta da Tijuca )

Tijuca is the name of the National Park,  the chain of mountains that forms the solid one main and  the higher Pick. in native language, Tijuca " means puddle road or bad road. The Pico da Tijuca ( Tijuca Pick), with 1021 m of altitude, is not only the summit of the park, but also the second from the Municipal district of Rio de Janeiro, only losing for the Pico da Pedra Branca (White Stone Pick), solid of same name, with 1024 m, located in Bangu, West Zone of  Rio de Janeiro.
The Tijuca Forest was stage of the coffee culture, that with the fall the coffee culture, it was made the first reforestation that  have been registering in Brazil. Farms were dispossessed to install the Tijuca Park, that is observed around of the same, and that today they are part of the history, serving as headquarters of the park.
On Old Republic, even with the park practically abandoned, The Washington Luís president, determined special treatment to the Tijuca Pick. in his government, in 1920, to receive the King Alberto of Belgium, an aficcionado for mountaineering, he retired the trail, steps were dug in the rock and they fastened currents of iron for the support that, although damaged, they still meet in the final part of access to the observatory.

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