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Topsail Stone (Pedra da Gávea )

The name Pedra da Gávea ( Topsail Stone) remounts at the time of the first Portuguese expeditions to the Brazil in 1502, year of the discovery of the Baía de Guanabara (Guanabara Bay ), which first it was in the area of Rio de Janeiro, it registered in his log book the entrance of the Guanabara Bay , that was the mouth of a great river for its, located to the north of a stone in topsail form. For the Portuguese navigator, the stone resembled each other to the topsail  basket, observatory put in the highest mast of the caravel, where there was always a duty sailor to observe the horizon
For English, however, when Walsh narrated in 1928, the more stone seemed with Lord Wood's nose, the distant mountains formed in the horizon the rude paper of a human, with the nose and the chin curved and, for quite so, called by English of face of Lord Wood, in which said to resemble each other.
Fact is that independent of name, the Topsail Stone, for its  location and height, served as excellent point of reference for the navigators.
The Park also counted with the first cycle of the coffee in Brazil. the cost of the devastation of the Atlantic forest, the substitution for plantations  of coffee. A reforestation process carried out, starting from 1861, it got to revert this destructive process. The trails and the more than a hundred archeological ranches of the city, are the old roads and imperial farms where, in great measure, the destinies of Brazil were drawn.
The Topsail Stone locates in area destined the preservation and to the environmental education, located in one of the three sections that, separate for road axes, it composes the National Park of Tijuca. the three sections of the healthy park:  the compound of the Topsail Stone, Beautiful Stone, Carioca Saws and the Tijuca Forest.
The park of Tijuca comes to demonstrate the visitor the educational aspect, ecological, historical cultural and the tourist.

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