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Paraty appeared in the midle of 1500’s. The setllement began on the Morro do Forte ( Hill of the Fort). Where a chapel was built dedicated to São Roque. About 1640 the growing town transfered to its current from Villa de Angras dos Reis, attrining the classification of “Villa”. Its larget urban development occurred in the XVII and XVIII centureies as a consequence of the “ Caminho do Ouro” (Gold Trail), trhaaaat linked Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo e Minas Gerais. This period is called the “Ciclo do Ouro” ( Gold Cycle) where Paraty served as the regional transhipment point. The Port of Paraty, at that time, became the second most important in Brazil due to its strategic position..
Paraty wasdeclared a Country in 1813 and in 1844 became a city. It was considered a State Historical and Artistic Patrimony in 1958. In 1966 the monumente.
With the opening of the BR-101 highway, Paraty received a new inpulse ansd began a new cycle: turism, taking, advantage of its a strong architectural style, the several ecological reservation, the 65 island bay and the more than 300 beaches of the area.

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